Living with anxiety: Britain’s silent epidemic

Up to a third of the population will suffer from an anxiety disorder or panic attacks at some point in their life. But what are we all so afraid of? Claire Eastham is 26 years old, and truly blessed: funny, lovely to look at, extremely bright (she has two degrees). She lives with her boyfriend… Read More »

The US Finally Admits Cannabis Kills Cancer Cells

A group of federal researchers commissioned by the government to prove that cannabis has “no accepted medical use” may have unwittingly let information slip through the cracks, revealing how cannabis actually kills cancer cells.  The research, which was conducted by a team of scientists at St. George’s University of London, found that the two most common cannabinoids… Read More »

5 Easy Steps To Awesome Health Insurance

Sit down here, sonny, and Uncle Joe will tell you a story…. Health insurance used to be so easy: there was one plan….traditional coverage. Insurances started getting all fancy pants back when HMO coverages were created. I remember the time well. It started when cars looked like this: And people looked like this:   Not… Read More »

TOP 10: Global Health Insurance Providers

With healthcare costs going up every year, it is imperative that every citizen have health insurance. Here are the biggest and the most well known health insurance providers from across the world. 10. Humana- It is one of the biggest healthcare insurance providers in USA, with more than 11 million members. Humana enjoys a sterling… Read More »